Adrian Munteanu

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A new transform is proposed that derives the overcomplete discrete wavelet transform (ODWT) subbands from the critically sampled DWT subbands (complete representation). This complete-to-overcomplete DWT (CODWT) has certain advantages in comparison to the conventional approach that performs the inverse DWT to reconstruct the input signal, followed by the(More)
Perfect reconstruction, quality scalability and region-of-interest coding are basic features needed for the image compression schemes used in telemedicine applications. This paper proposes a new wavelet-based embedded compression technique that efficiently exploits the intraband dependencies and uses a quadtree-based approach to encode the significance(More)
Integrating video coding and denoising is a novel processing paradigm, bringing mutual benefits to both video processing tools. In this paper, we propose a novel video denoising approach of which the main idea is reusing motion estimation resources from the video coding module for video denoising. In most cases, the motion fields produced by real-time video(More)
A novel framework for fully scalable video coding that performs open-loop motion-compensated temporal filtering (MCTF) in the wavelet domain (in-band) is presented in this paper. Unlike the conventional spatial-domain MCTF (SDMCTF) schemes, which apply MCTF on the original image data and then encode the residuals using the critically sampled discrete(More)
Among the different classes of coding techniques proposed in literature, predictive schemes have proven their outstanding performance in near-lossless compression. However, these schemes are incapable of providing embedded L<sub>infin</sub>-oriented compression, or, at most, provide a very limited number of potential L<sub>infin</sub> bit-stream truncation(More)
bstract. We perform a statistical analysis of curvelet coefficients, istinguishing between two classes of coefficients: those that conain a significant noise-free component, which we call the “signal of nterest,” and those that do not. By investigating the marginal statisics, we develop a prior model for curvelet coefficients. The analysis f the joint(More)
In this paper we examine the Distortion-Rate (D-R) performance of two competing approaches for error-resilient transmission of scalable sources over error-prone packet-based memoryless channels. Thereby, we consider scalable Joint Source-Channel Coding (JSCC) based on Forward Error Correction (FEC) and scalable Multiple Description Coding (MDC). Our(More)