Adrian Mondry

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Microarray technology measures the mRNA levels of tens of thousands of genes in tissue samples simultaneously in a high-throughput and costeffective manner. Since its introduction over a decade ago [1], it has found widespread use in the fields of molecular genetics and functional genomics. It has been applied in order to understand underlying biological(More)
Accurate diagnosis of cancer subtypes remains a challenging problem. Building classifiers based on gene expression data is a promising approach; yet the selection of non-redundant but relevant genes is difficult. The selected gene set should be small enough to allow diagnosis even in regular clinical laboratories and ideally identify genes involved in(More)
BACKGROUND Essential hypertension is a common, polygenic, complex disorder resulting from interaction of several genes with each other and with environmental factors such as obesity, dietary salt intake, and alcohol consumption. Since the underlying genetic pathways remain elusive, currently most studies focus on the genes coding for proteins that regulate(More)
Abstract Background. Subtotal parathyroidectomy (SPTX) and total parathyroidectomy with autotransplantation (TPTX and AT) are standard procedures in the treatment of renal autonomous hyperparathyroidism. In contrast to primary hyperparathyroidism, the persistence/recurrence rate is reported of up to 12.0%. Patients and methods. Between 1986 and 2000 we(More)
The number of scientific journals has become so large that individuals, institutions and institutional libraries cannot completely store their physical content. In order to prioritize the choice of quality information sources, librarians and scientists are in need of reliable decision aids. The "impact factor" (IF) is the most commonly used assessment aid(More)
As healthcare moves towards the implementation of Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM), Critically Appraised Topics (CATs) become useful in helping physicians to make clinical decisions. A number of academic and healthcare organizations have set up web-based CAT libraries. The primary objective of the presented work is to provide a one-stop search and download(More)
This study provides an analysis of 640 completed suicide cases in Singapore for the years 2001 and 2002, compared to previous years and in relation to demographic and socioeconomic factors, as well as to the characteristics of a subgroup of suicide victims with prior psychiatric illness. There was little change in the suicide pattern over the 2 years(More)
Research manuscripts face various time lags from initial submission to final publication in a scientific periodical. Three publishing models compete for the market. Professional publishing houses publish in print and/or online in a “reader-pays” model, or follow the open access model of “author-pays”, while a number of periodicals are bound to learned(More)
Many patients with advanced renal disease have osteopenia or even osteoporosis by the definition of the World Health Organization based on bone mineral density (BMD). Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA), the standard method to assess BMD, is not always available. Quantitative heel ultrasound (QUS) is an inexpensive, mobile, and radiation-free diagnostic(More)
Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS) polymorphisms such as the angiotensinogen-gene-M235T-, the angiotensin-conversion enzyme (ACE)-gene I/D- and the angiotensin-II-type 1-receptor-(AT1R)-A1166C-polymorphism have been implicated in renal insufficiency and hypertension. We studied the association of these RAAS genotypes and non-genetic factors with(More)