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We model alternative institutional arrangements for building and managing facilities for provision of public services, including the use of the Private Finance Initiative (PFI), by exploring the effects on innovative investment activity by providers. The desirability of bundling the building and management operations is analyzed, and it is considered(More)
Preparations of catechols from ethyl acetate extracts of cultures of Klebsiellae in a low-iron medium contained iron-chelators whose potency was measured by the reversal of the bacteristasis of Escherichia coli and klebsiellae in unheated horse serum, and of the growth-inhibition of these two organisms by ethylene diamine di-orthohydroxyphenyl acetic acid(More)
The neutralization of the action of a variety of antibiotics on klebsiellae by moderate doses of di- and tri-valent metallic cations, was measured in vitro. Some beta-lactams tested were affected by Mg++ and by Cu++. Of six tetracyclines one was moderately neutralized by Ca++, two by Mg++, three by Cu++, and all, strongly, by Fe+++. Erythromycin was(More)