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Digital Media and Society: An Introduction
Detailed table of contents List of Figures Acknowledgements Introduction Part I: Digital Histories Chapter 1: Building a Digital Society Chapter 2: The Socio-Technical Interface Chapter 3: Typing theExpand
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Transnational audiences: geocultural approaches
The exchange of information, discourse and meaning across a bewildering array of cultural, geographic and political barriers has become a central concern for a broad range of disciplines in theExpand
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The global dynamics of Indian media piracy: export markets, playback media and the informal economy
In recent years, Indian media producers have increased their efforts to combat the effects of piracy on their export earnings. They are facing a number of challenges, many of which can be traced toExpand
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The Multiplex in India: A Cultural Economy of Urban Leisure
During the decade of its existence in India, the multiplex cinema has been very much a sign of the times – both a symptom and a symbol of new social values. Indicative of a consistent push to createExpand
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The ‘crossover’ audience: Mediated multiculturalism and the Indian film
Writing in Metro at the end of 2005, Sapna Samant (a trustee of the Asia Film Festival Aotearoa) is stirred into action by a sense of indignation at the ‘appropriation’ of popular Indian cinema byExpand
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The dynamics and potentials of big data for audience research
This article considers the future of audience research in an era of big data. Expand
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Cinema India: The Visual Culture of Hindi Film [Book Review]
Review(s) of: Cinema India: The Visual Culture of Hindi Film, by Dwyer, Rachel and Patel, Divia, Reaktion Books, London, 2002, ISBN 1 8618 9124 5, 240 pp., AS6S.9S. Distributor: Unireps.
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Post-industrial Development and the New Leisure Economy
One of the central tenets of economic and political thinking in the Anglophone countries during the recent phase of globalisation has been the inevitability of a permanent shift away fromExpand
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Leisure capital in the new economy: the rapid rise of the multiplex in India
The ascendance of the multiplex film theatre in India has great significance in the creation of new public space, and is part and parcel of the long-running contestation of modernity and citizenshipExpand
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