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The frequency of hybrid formation in angiosperms depends on how and when heterospecific pollen is transferred to the stigma, and on the success of that heterospecific pollen at fertilising ovules. We applied pollen mixtures to stigmas to determine how pollen interactions affect siring success and the frequency of hybrid formation between two species of(More)
The paper supports a debate concerning the meaning and the importance of redundancy and ergodicity in cryptography. The discussion is mainly organized around a very thought-provoking enciphering method, running-key cipher. The paper comes with a new view of running-key method which permits to resume and extend it for ergodic sources in order to provide good(More)
The paper presents a detailed analysis of two types of pseudorandom binary sequence generators obtained by using tent map. The test is performed using a NIST statistical test suite which is widely used for testing the randomness of any random number generator. The binary sequences under investigation are obtained either by considering all the successive(More)
This paper deals with the development of a computational code for the numerical simulation of wave propagation through domains with a complex geometry consisting in both solids and moving fluids. The emphasis is on the numerical simulation of ultrasonic flowmeters (UFMs) by modeling the wave propagation in solids with the equations of linear elasticity and(More)
Procedee de cifrare/descifrare folosind sisteme haotice. Analiz˘ a bazat˘ a pe metode statistice¸si teoria controlului sistemelor. Encryption/decryption methods using chaotic systems. Analysis based on statistical methods and control system theory.Acknowledgements First of all, I want to express my gratitude to my Thesis Directors, Professor Adriana Vlad(More)