Adrian Leu

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This paper presents a method for modelling graphics scenes consisting of multiple volumetric objects. A two-level hierarchical representation is employed, which enables the reduction of the overall storage consumption as well as rendering time. With this approach, different objects can be derived from the same volumetric dataset, and 2D images can be(More)
— We introduce a new system performance measure due to handoff called handoff interference, which characterizes the additional interference noise induced by the handoff process. The handoff interference experienced by a mobile unit is determined by the parameters of the handoff algorithm. We present an exact analysis of the handoff interference and the(More)
This paper addresses the problem of real‐time vision‐based human tracking to enable mobile robots to follow a human co‐worker. A novel approach to combine stereo vision‐based human detection with human tracking using a modified Kalman filter is presented. Stereo vision‐based detection combines features extracted from 2D stereo images with reconstructed 3D(More)