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Given that phosphorus (P) is a non-renewable and finite resource, there is an increasing need to sustainably use P in agriculture. To this end, accurately assessing P budgets in agricultural soils is critical. On one hand P deficiency negatively affects plant and animal growth, while on the other hand P surplus can cause significant problems that affect(More)
About 25% of European livestock intake is based on permanent and sown grasslands. To fulfill rising demand for animal products, an intensification of livestock production may lead to an increased consumption of crop and compound feeds. In order to preserve an economically and environmentally sustainable agriculture, a more forage based livestock(More)
Direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from agriculture accounted for approximately 10% of total European Union (EU) emissions in 2010. To reduce farming-related GHG emissions, appropriate policy measures and supporting tools for promoting low-C farming practices may be efficacious. This article presents the methodology and testing results of a new EU-wide,(More)
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