Adrian Kapczynski

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This paper presents a new approach in evaluation of biometric identity verification system, which is based on three important indicators: false acceptance rate, false reject rate and failure to enroll rate. Those mentioned indicators are grouped by using fuzzy sets and linguistic variables to provide important pieces of information.
Over the past decade the technological achievements have resulted in improved network services. Because of electronic transactions are executed in these days, the security of computer access is relying important. Existing security techniques can be strengthen by behavioral biometrics such as keystroke dynamics which makes use of the typing cadence of an(More)
This paper is the introduction for further searching of the best solution for choice of threshold value in biometrical authentication system. That is one of the most important problems in a practical point of view. The most suitable solution of that problem can be reached by using different mathematical apparatus. At the beginning we consider mulicriteria(More)
In the article problem of securing distributed biometric authentication system was discussed. After introduction to biometric domain, the key issues connected with secure communication in distributed authentication environments were briefly described. In this work a concept of enhancement of biometric authentication system by application of quantum(More)
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