Adrian K. James

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Attention is drawn to the use of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spin-echo sequences in the recognition of white matter disease of the brain. In 5 patients with multiple sclerosis, 8 lesions were seen with postcontrast x-ray computed tomography (CT) (37.5 g of iodine), 33 with inversion-recovery (IR) scans, and 47 with spin-echo (SE) scans. Partial volume(More)
In industrialized countries, it is expected that the future generation of bioenergy will be from the direct combustion of residues and wastes obtained from biomass. Bioenergy production using woody biomass is a fast developing application since this fuel source is considered to be carbon neutral. The harnessing of bioenergy from these sources produces(More)
BACKGROUND Functional variants in the interleukin-6 receptor gene (IL6R) are associated with asthma risk. We hypothesized that genes co-expressed with IL6R might also be regulated by genetic polymorphisms that are associated with asthma risk. The aim of this study was to identify such genes. METHODS To identify genes whose expression was correlated with(More)
HYPOTHESIS Cone-beam computed tomography (CT) is proving useful in various operative settings. We hypothesize that it has great potential as an intraoperative assessment tool for ossicular prosthesis positioning. BACKGROUND Results from prosthetic ossiculoplasty are frequently disappointing. Undetected intraoperative displacement of the prosthesis may be(More)
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