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The lipophilic nature of biological membranes restricts the direct intracellular delivery of potential drugs and molecular probes and makes intracellular transport one of the key problems in gene therapy. Because of their ability to cross cell membranes, single walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) are of interest as carriers of biologically active molecules,(More)
Since the 1990s, the forms of production, distribution, configuration and appropriation of software have changed fundamentally. Nowadays, software is often embedded in <i>software ecosystems</i>, i.e. in complex interrelations between different stakeholders who are connected by a shared technological platform. In our paper, we investigate how small software(More)
Software applications that can be changed, modified and extended are nowadays pretty mainstream. But only few researchers focused on the role of the users social network for actual modifying practices and hurdles. Therefore this paper, studies in a comparative manner, how users modify software applications by using markets of existing components. We examine(More)
and terminology about placement and programming options. Above all, contradicting values which coexist in legal mandates and predominate the system of special education have contributed to underlying impediments to parents' full participation in the special education decision-making process (Kalyanpar et al, 2000). Specifically , the ideal of parental equal(More)
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