Adrian John Tetteh Alsmith

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Recent research on bodily self-consciousness has assumed that it consists of three distinct components: the experience of owning a body (body ownership); the experience of being a body with a given location within the environment (self-location); and the experience of taking a first-person, body-centered, perspective on that environment (perspective). Here(More)
I am clearly located where my body is located. But is there one particular place inside my body where I am? Recent results have provided apparently contradictory findings about this question. Here, we addressed this issue using a more direct approach than has been used in previous studies. Using a simple pointing task, we asked participants to point(More)
To answer Alsmith’s questions about the existence of a vestibular sense, we outline in the first part of our reply why we believe the vestibular sense is a true “sixth sense”. We argue that vestibular information constitutes distinct sensory events and that absolute coding of body orientation and motion in the gravitycentered space is the important unique(More)
When we represent someone's view of a scene as egocentrically structured, where do we represent the origin of the reference frame? By analysing responses in a spatial perspective-taking task as a function of spatial location with respect to both head and torso, we isolated the respective contribution of each part to spatial judgments. Both the head and the(More)
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