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Passenger screening is a critical component of aviation security systems. This paper introduces the multistage sequential passenger screening problem (MSPSP), which models passenger and carry-on baggage screening operations in an aviation security system with the capability of dynamically updating the perceived risk of passengers. The passenger screening(More)
Bracketology, the art of successfully picking all the winners in the National Collegiate Athletic Association's (NCAA) annual men's Division I college basketball championship tournament, has become a favorite national activity. In spite of the challenges and uncertainty faced in this endeavor, patterns exist in how the seeds appear in each round,(More)
Passenger screening at aviation security checkpoints is a critical component in protecting airports and aircraft from terrorist threats. Recent developments in technology have increased the ability to detect these threats. However, the average amount of time it takes to screen a passenger still remains a concern. This paper models the queueing process for a(More)
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