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A strategy is being developed whereby the current set of internationally standardized space data communications protocols can be incrementally evolved so that a first version of an operational "Interplanetary Internet" is feasible by the end of the decade. This paper describes its architectural concepts, discusses the current set of standard space data(More)
I magine a future where human intelligence is scattered all over the solar system. In some places, say, the Moon and on and around Mars, there are thousands or millions of intelligent systems that have to exchange information not only with intelligence back on Earth but among themselves. How would such communication occur? How would it differ from more(More)
The NASA Space Communications Architecture Working Group (SCAWG) has recently been developing an integrated agency-wide space communications architecture in order to provide the necessary communication and navigation capabilities to support NASA's new Exploration and Science Programs. A critical element of the space communications architecture is the(More)
Description This report documents the results of research on congestion issues in Delay Tolerant Networks carried out by Durga Prasad Pandey during the summer of 2003. It consists of a proposal for an experiment to test the effectiveness of a cognition based congestion detection program. The experiment is proposed to be carried out during the academic year(More)
The Internet has been a great success at interconnecting communication devices across the globe. It has done this by using a homogeneous set of communication protocols, called the TCP/IP protocol suite. All devices on the hundreds of thousands of subnets that make up the Internet use these protocols for routing data and insuring the reliability of message(More)
  • Pushpendra Dwivedi, Saurabh Gupta, +24 authors Sally Floyd
  • 2016
Discussing about An ad-hoc network in today's world is like, it is an emerging technology of wireless nodes forming a network that is infrastructure less. So it can be said that without any established infrastructure. There are a lot of routing protocols for mobile ad hoc networks to have efficient routing. In this paper there are two types of networks; one(More)
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