Adrian Honegger

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Single-chain Fv antibody fragments binding different flavin forms [10-(5'-carboxybutyl-)flavin (Fl[ox]) and 10-(5'-carboxybutyl)-1,5-dihydroflavin (Fl[red])] have been generated from an antibody phage-display library to study how a protein environment regulates the redox potential, starting from a protein other than a natural flavoprotein. These(More)
Determination of the gene expression by direct quantification of mRNA is becoming increasingly important in basic, pharmaceutical and clinical research. We present a novel approach for gene quantification based on direct hybridization of gene-specific probes to target mRNA sequences in solution at temperatures ensuring absolute specificity of the(More)
Antibody variable domains vary widely in their intrinsic thermodynamic stability. Despite the mutual stabilization of the domains in the scFv fragment, most scFv derived from monoclonal antibodies without further engineering show poor to moderate stability. The situation gets more complex for Fab fragments and full-sized antibodies: while the(More)
Recent developments of single molecule detection techniques and in particular the introduction of fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) led to a number of important applications in biological research. We present a unique approach for the gene expression analysis using dual-color cross-correlation. The expression assay is based on gene-specific(More)
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