Adrian H. Feng

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PURPOSE Many children with bladder exstrophy undergo reconstruction incorporating bowel into the lower urinary tract, which may result in metabolic changes affecting height. Linear growth in children with exstrophy who underwent enterocystoplasty was studied. MATERIALS AND METHODS We retrospectively reviewed the charts of children with classic bladder(More)
The ability to access selectively distal nerve branches at the level of the compound pudendal nerve (PN) would allow control of multiple neural pathways and genitourinary functions at a single location. Nerve cuff electrodes can selectively stimulate individual fascicles; however the PN fascicular anatomy is unknown. The fascicular representation of distal(More)
STUDY DESIGN A rabbit model was used to compare clinical outcome, radiographic changes, and biomechanical flexibility after cervical laminectomy and open-door laminoplasty. OBJECTIVE This study tested the hypothesis that radiographic changes and biomechanical flexibility could explain the differences in clinical outcome after cervical laminectomy and(More)
100 labouring women were selected in the hospital and divided into psychological support group and control group randomly (50 in each group) in this study. The former was given psychological education and support by special staff and the later was managed in routine methods. The result showed that the serious pain rate of the psychological support group was(More)
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