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There is still sparse information published about the surgical correction of female funnel chest deformity. Women with severe asymmetric funnel chest deformity often present with asymmetric, hypoplastic breasts. These patients frequently complain of physiological limitations in connection with gross aesthetic impairment. To correct these two features a(More)
The aim of the study was to evaluate the clinical outcome with subjective and neurophysiological parameters following partial medial epicondylectomy (pME) and to evaluate complications and recurrence rates. A retrospective analysis was performed in 29 patients (18 males and 11 females) with cubital tunnel syndrome (CuTS) who underwent pME. Mean time(More)
PURPOSE To compare short- and midterm functional and subjective outcomes of arthroscopically repaired Palmer 1B tears. METHODS At 2 time points, we evaluated 49 patients with Palmer 1B tears who underwent arthroscopic repair. We examined 46 patients (23 males and 23 females) in the short-term at an average of 11 months (range, 6-23 mo) postoperatively. In(More)
Since the implementation and use of silicone implants in breast surgery the risks are published and discussed. Especially, the incidence of late silicone implant rupture and its potential risk to induce local siliconomas are still under discussion and not sufficiently evaluated. So far literature data offer no information of intrapulmonal or peripheral(More)
BACKGROUND It is unknown whether the increased B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) values found in ischemic heart disease are triggered directly by ischemia or whether they are caused indirectly by ischemia through diastolic contractures or regional wall motion abnormalities. Therefore, we investigated the BNP expression in isolated human muscle strips under(More)
The aim of this article is to improve the treatment of patients with complete skin loss of the penile shaft after Fournier's gangrene or hidradenitis suppurativa using modern biomatrices and topical negative pressure therapy. From January 2010 to December 2011, three patients with Fournier's gangrene or hidradenitis suppurativa were treated. After initial(More)
This report describes a case of a 10-year-old boy who received a distally based, pedicled medial plantar artery flap to cover a defect on the distal lateral side of his right foot. The defect resulted from amniotic constriction. The flap served as defect coverage and was kept viable solely by the distal medial plantar vessels. Use of this particular kind of(More)
BACKGROUND We studied the effects of angiotensin II (Ang II) and diastolic overstretch on the induction of cardiac growth in isometrically contracting muscle preparations from human right atria and left ventricles. We used the gene expression of brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) as a molecular marker of cardiac hypertrophy. METHODS AND RESULTS Northern blot(More)
Four-corner fusion is a proven treatment option for degenerative arthritis of the wrist (SLAC/SNAC); however, in some cases, non-union occurs. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical outcome of rearthrodesis in cases of non-union following four-corner fusion. Furthermore, the goal was to identify the cause of non-union and the location of(More)
Auch heute stellt die Rekonstruktion der verbrannten Extremität höchste Anforderungen an den plastischen Chirurgen, vor allem wenn mikrochirurgische Lappenplastiken indiziert sind. Anhand einer retrospektiven Analyse von 68 freien Lappenplastiken bei 55 Patienten werden die rekonstruktiven Prinzipien und ein Entscheidungsalgorithmus für die Primär- und(More)