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Porous silicon (PS) which has different properties from the bulk material due to the quantum confinement effects is beside other physical properties (e.g., light emitting) bioactive or even bioresorbable. The aim of this paper is to optimise the experimental conditions for the fabrication of nanostructured Si particles and to find the best methods for(More)
The level of nitrates from groundwater from Cluj County and other areas from Romania have increased values, exceeding or getting close to the allowed limit values, putting in danger human and animal heath. In this study we used granular activated carbon adsorbent (GAC) for nitrate (NO(-)3) removal for the production of drinking water from groundwater of the(More)
Since the “explosion” of the number of on-line transactions, many IT researchers have concentrated their efforts to offer solutions to the security demanded by operations involving financial data. This paper proposes a novel system which employs biometry to secure electronic transactions by using the dynamic signature as the single individual characteristic(More)
This paper presents the manufacturing and the characterization of GaN membrane supported MSM photodetector structures obtained by means of nanolithographic techniques. Two different runs of MSM photodetectors, with different dimensions of the MSM structures and different GaN membrane thickness, have been performed and the detectors performances are(More)
Surface chemistry is extremely important in microarray technology, since it determines the successful attachment of the molecules, spot morphology or signal intensity. This paper describes development of functionalised gold layer surfaces deposited onto porous silicon as substrates for microarray experiments. Two gold textures were studied in order to find(More)
The novelty of this paper is due to the investigation of the possibility of reaching a reliable global effective model of temperature dependence on the optical properties, based on automated neural network (ANN). For this approach, starting with a series of experimental data set of the measured reflectance magnitudes we built and studied 20 different ANN(More)
Negative differential resistance (NDR) with a room temperature peak-to-valley ratio of 8 was observed in a graphene-based ballistic field-effect transistor (FET) with an oblique top gate. Graphene FETs with a top gate inclination angle of 45° and a drain-source distance of 400 nm were fabricated on a chip cut from a 4-inch graphene wafer grown by chemical(More)
The aim of this study was to obtain membranes with antimicrobial activity presenting a complex sandwich-type structure. The outer layers are comprised of poly(methyl methacrylate) membranes, whereas the inner active layer consists of a modified commercial membrane to achieve antimicrobial properties. This activity arises due to the presence of silver(More)