Adrian Debowski

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Computer games are more and more used for serious purposes not only for entertainment. In few last years we can observe very fast market development of serious games. They are used to education, simulation, research, health and therapy purposes. This paper describes the prototype of the game in psychology Mission — Master Your Fear. This game is a(More)
Streszczenie. W publikacji przedstawiono problemy powstające przy próbie wizualizacji w czasie rzeczywistym nieba i atmosfery na animowanej scenie trójwymiarowej i zaproponowano metody ich rozwiązania. Summary. The paper presents the issues of real-time sky and atmosphere rendering on the animated 3-dimensional scene and proposes a number of solutions to(More)
Streszczenie. Niniejsza publikacja jest kontynuacją tematu publikacji " Symulacja pogody w czasie rzeczywistym w środowisku FRS " [3]. Omówiono w niej system Summary. The paper is the continuation of the subject of the " Real-Time Atmospheric Phenomena Simulation in FRS Engine " [3] publication. A real-time simplified atmospheric phenomena simulation and(More)
The paper presents a simplified weather simulation system, which works in real time. Simulation is based on generation of particles, which are elementary fragments of clouds and includes local weather effects caused by phenomena which take place in macro scale, such as atmospheric fronts. 1. Środowisko FRS FRS (ang. Flexible Reality Simulation) jest(More)
In the paper a new design method for finding the structure of the current controllers in electric drive on the example of an AC drive with induction motor is proposed. This method uses the approach based on the theory of dual-observers, proposed some years ago by D. G. Luenberger for improving the dynamic transients in the autonomous systems with the(More)
The paper introduces a new, computationally inexpensive, real-time method of simulation of clouds for dynamic particle-based cloud rendering. The method covers such phenomena as atmospheric fronts, stable and unstable balance , thunderstorms, simplified simulation of middle and high clouds, correlation between wind and clouds and even tornadoes. The(More)
The paper presents the research directions in the subject of virtual characters animation control. The possibilities of future research are given. The emphasis is put on the issues of interactive animation computed in real time. techniki określanej jako Motion Capture (MoCap) [13, 15] jest digitalizowany i wykorzys-tywany do sterowania ruchem postaci(More)
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