Adrian D. Jones

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High surface-area nickel-iron nanoparticles (1:3 Ni:Fe) have been studied as a reagent for the dehalogenation of trichloroethylene (TCE). Ni-Fe (0.1 g) nanoparticles reduced TCE from a 40-mL saturated aqueous solution (24 ppm) to <6 ppb in 120 min. The dehalogenation reaction, based on the surface area normalized rate constant, was 50-80 times slower using(More)
A technique has been developed at the Maritime Operations Division of DSTO to determine the reflective properties of the seafloor in a shallow ocean, by using a broadband signal received at ranges of several km. The theory behind this technique indicates that the determination of bottom loss versus grazing angle is robust to moderate changes in separation(More)
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