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Complex space-filling procedures for intrathoracic infections - personal experience with 76 consecutive cases.
Patients with complex intrathoracic suppurations not amenable to decortication or lung resection require complex space-filling procedures to achieve complete obliteration of the infected space to allow a quick recovery with good functional and aesthetic postoperative outcome.
Intrathoracic transposition of the serratus anterior muscle flap--personal experience with 65 consecutive patients.
The SA muscle flap is very well suited for intrathoracic transposition and its use is not associated with significant postoperative morbidity.
Thoracodorsal versus reversed mobilisation of the latissimus dorsi muscle for intrathoracic transposition.
Both modalities of mobilisation of the LD muscle flap are safe and allow easy transposition in any part of the chest; the choice of how to use this flap should be made based only on the location of the intrathoracic defect.