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Motorsports is the fastest growing professional sport in the United States. Each year approximately 14 drivers die, and many others are paralyzed or seriously injured. Although there is a common misconception that motorsports medicine is analogous to standard emergency or sports medicine, due to the unique racing environment a traditional approach to(More)
A patient with bilateral ocular injuries with hypotony and light perception vision was fitted with scleral shells modified to allow light to pass through the central 4-mm area. This modification, allowing the patient to retain light perception with the prosthesis in place, aided in the rehabilitation of this patient by encouraging his independent(More)
BACKGROUND This study sought to compare the spectrum of injuries and outcomes between off-road and on-road motorcyclists. METHODS Demographic information, accident location, helmet use, anatomic injuries, physiologic data, length of stay, transfusions, operations, Injury Severity Scores, and determination of death were abstracted for a consecutive cohort(More)
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