Adrian Collins

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This study tests the hypothesis that microbial biomass phosphorus (P) makes a significant contribution to P solubility in riparian buffer strip soils. In 36 soils collected from buffer strips within three UK soil associations, water-extractable inorganic P solubility was most strongly related to NaHCO3 extractable inorganic P. However, within individual(More)
The improper use of phosphorus (P) on agricultural land in developed countries is related to P losses that impair surface water quality. We outline policy in New Zealand, the UK, and the US who have imposed limits for P measured as ecological status, but in some cases, also as chemical concentrations or loads. We contrast the strategies used in each country(More)
Description: River Science is a rapidly developing interdisciplinary field at the interface of the natural sciences, engineering and socio–political sciences. It recognises that the sustainable management of contemporary rivers will increasingly require new ways of characterising them to enable engagement with the diverse range of stakeholders. This volume(More)
Teleoperation is a form of telerobotics which refers to human operation of a robotic system over a remote link. The teleoperated robotic arm onboard the Space Shuttle and three more advanced arms onboard the International Space Station (ISS) are essential tools in the continued construction, maintenance, resupply, and scientific operations of this orbiting(More)
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