Adrian Collins

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This study tests the hypothesis that microbial biomass phosphorus (P) makes a significant contribution to P solubility in riparian buffer strip soils. In 36 soils collected from buffer strips within three UK soil associations, water-extractable inorganic P solubility was most strongly related to NaHCO3 extractable inorganic P. However, within individual(More)
We hypothesise that climate change, together with intensive agricultural systems, will increase the transfer of pollutants from land to water and impact on stream health. This study builds, for the first time, an integrated assessment of nutrient transfers, bringing together a) high-frequency data from the outlets of two surface water-dominated, headwater(More)
Keywords: Sediment-bound organic matter Sources Carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes Near infra-red reflectance spectroscopy Salmonids Farm manures A B S T R A C T The biodegradation of organic matter ingressing spawning gravels in rivers exerts an oxygen demand which is believed to contribute to detrimental impacts on aquatic ecology including salmonids.(More)
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