Adrian C. Hall

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The structure and absolute configuration of the marine antithrombotic product dysinosin A was confirmed by total synthesis. The strategy involved disconnections to three subunits, of which two were synthesized from the readily available l-glutamic acid, d-leucine, and d-mannitol. The Grubbs olefin metathesis carbocyclization reaction was utilized to prepare(More)
An efficient new way to access two regio-isomeric dibenzoxazepinones is reported from 8-aminoquinoline benzamides and 2-bromophenols. Through choice of conditions, the reaction proceeds either through a sequential C-H etherification and subsequent Goldberg reaction, both controlled by the aminoquinoline group and Cu(I), or via a C-H etherification and(More)
To the Editor: Capnometry and capnography provide vital information for the anesthesiologist in the conduct of routine cases and for selected specific indications. Skeehan and Biebuyck [1] recently classified the inaccuracies of the technique as resulting from primary spectrophotometer malfunction or from sampling errors. They cited loose-fitting or cracked(More)
An efficient method for the copper-catalyzed N-arylation of hydroxylamines with aryl iodides is described. A variety of N- and O-functionalized hydroxylamines were transformed in good to excellent yield with a broad range of aryl coupling partners. Methods for the selective deprotection of either the N- or O-substituents for further functionalization are(More)
[chemical reaction: see text]. A simple, one-pot method for the alpha-acyloxylation of carbonyl compounds that proceeds at room temperature in the presence of both moisture and air has been developed. Treatment of a variety of aldehydes and both cyclic and acyclic ketones with N-methyl-O-benzoylhydroxylamine hydrochloride provides the alpha-functionalized(More)
Novel intermediate oxazoline[3,2-a]pyridiniums were facilely prepared from 2-(2,2-dimethoxyethoxy)-pyridines via acid promoted intramolecular cyclization. Sequentially, the quaternary ammonium salts were treated with different nucleophiles for performing regioselective metal-free C-O and C-N bond-cleaving to afford prevalent heterocyclic structures of(More)
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