Adrian Burian

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Multiple input multiple output (MIMO) transmission is an emerging technique targeted at 3G long term evolution (LTE) systems. One vital baseband function in MIMO receivers is QR decomposition of the channel matrix. In this paper, a processor based complex-valued QR decomposition is presented. The processor is enhanced with complex arithmetic and inverse(More)
Fixed-point simulation results are used for the performance measure of inverting matrices using a reconfigurable processing element. Matrices are inverted using the Cholesky decomposition algorithm. The reconfigurable processing element is capable of all required mathematical operations. The fixed-point word length analysis is based on simulations of(More)
In this paper we present an image pre-processing procedure for bar code detection in mobile devices. The goal of our method is to improve the quality of the input image, thus making bar code detection and decoding possible even in difficult situations. The implementation details and the results obtained with the proposed method on real images taken with a(More)
The problem of reconstructing a one-dimensional (1-D) signal from only the magnitude of its Fourier transform emerges when the phase of a signal is apparently lost or impractical to measure. Previous solutions usually employed an Iterative Fourier Transform (IFT) algorithm applied on a discrete approximation of a signal. The utilization of these algorithms(More)