Adrian Bruengger

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A combined light-microscopic and stereologic analysis of the canine prostate was performed under the following experimental conditions: intact and castrated dogs, spontaneous benign prostatic hyperplasia, intact and castrated dogs after treatment with testosterone, 5 alpha-dihydrotestosterone or 3 alpha-androstanediol in combination with estradiol.(More)
In previous light and electron-microscopic analyses human benign prostatic hyperplasia was shown to be predominantly a stromal disease; the aim of the present study was to correlate the stereological data with the levels of the endogenous tissue hormones (androgens, estrogens, progesterone) in normal (N) and hyperplastic human prostatic tissues (BPH). BPH(More)
Morphometric studies show that benign human prostatic hyperplasia is a stromal disease caused by the activation of smooth muscle cells. This activation manifests itself in increased amounts of cytoplasmic organelles, which are preferably localized in the perinuclear region. Moreover, marked vesicular activity is present. Besides considerable overproduction(More)
A combined electron microscopic stereological and biochemical study of the smooth muscle cells of guinea pig seminal vesicles was performed in intact, castrated, castrated and dihydrotestosterone- or estradiol-treated adult animals. Castration led to cell atrophy as determined stereologically by a decreased single cell volume and biochemically by no change(More)
  • A Brüngger
  • 1989
Transcutaneous measurement of oxygen pressure (PcO2) and carbon dioxide pressure (PcCO2) was performed in nine patients with histologically confirmed necrobiosis lipoidica. None of the patients had diabetes mellitus. All measurements were taken at the lower leg. In each case, the atrophic center, the inflamed border, and the surrounding clinically normal(More)
Two cases of squamous cell carcinoma in patients with cutaneous T cell lymphoma are presented, together with a survey of the rather sparse literature on this subject. The cases presented showed considerable differences in their course. The mutagenic effects of the therapies used against the lymphoma are claimed to be responsible for the development of(More)
Seminal plasma transferrin concentrations were measured in semen samples from 424 men attending a fertility unit. There was a clear positive correlation between seminal plasma transferrin concentration and sperm density: transferrin concentrations decrease with decreasing sperm density and are lowest in patients with azoospermia and those who have undergone(More)
A case of acro-angiodermatitis with congenital arteriovenous fistulae (Stewart-Bluefarb syndrome) at the distal right foot in a young man is reported. The lesion evolved slowly from a small dark-red spot existing from birth. Besides mechanical disturbances, the patient's only symptoms were a warmer and somewhat bigger right foot compared to the left(More)