Adrian Brezulianu

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In this application of artificial intelligence to a real-world problem, the constrained scheduling of employee resourcing for a mall type shop is solved by means of a genetic algorithm. Chromosomes encode a one-week schedule and a constraint matrix handles all requirements for the population. The genetic operators are purposely designed to preserve all(More)
—In this work we investigate the possibility to use the measurement matrices from compressed sensing as secret key to encrypt / decrypt signals. Practical results and a comparison between BP (basis pursuit) and OMP (orthogonal matching pursuit) decryption algorithms are presented. To test our method, we used 10 text messages (10 different tax forms) and we(More)
— The integrated information system presented in this paper is focused on increasing the quality of the medical services offered to the patients by rendering the activities more efficient and by corroborating the family doctors and the cardiologists' efforts. In order to accomplish the mentioned objectives we propose implementing an integrated information(More)
— In this paper, two examples of resources scheduling in well-services companies are solved by means of genetic algorithms: resources for call solving, people scheduling. The results demonstrate that the genetic algorithm approach can provide acceptable solutions to this type of call solving for scheduling in well-services companies. The suggested approach(More)
In nationwide mammography screening, thousands of mammography examinations must be processed. Each consists of two standard views of each breast, and each mammogram must be visually examined by an experienced radiologist to assess it for any anomalies. The ability to detect an anomaly in mammographic texture is important to successful outcomes in(More)