Adrian Beteringhe

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Abraham's equation was employed in order to investigate nonspecific intermolecular interactions involving liquid crystals. Several aromatic azo derivatives, proved to have liquid crystal behavior, were used as stationary phases in capillary gas chromatography. The polarizability, polarity, hydrophobicity and hydrogen-bond donor or acceptor characters were(More)
The sequence of all paths pi of lengths i = 1 to the maximum possible length in a hydrogen-depleted molecular graph (which sequence is also called the molecular path code) contains significant information on the molecular topology, and as such it is a reasonable choice to be selected as the basis of topological indices (TIs). Four new (or five partly new)(More)
When a research laboratory discovers or synthesizes new chemical compounds and other ones require information that describes them, usually, the exchange is done using BIN or CAM coded format of the compounds structure, rather than shipping any actual compound. Danger occurs if exchanged information refers to any hazardous chemical compounds that can be used(More)
In this paper is presented a method for obtaining the local invariants of chemical graphs characteristic of organic compounds (i. e. n-heptane isomers) by combining computational programs with specific mathematical methods. Was obtained an operational degeneration for 2, 3- and 3, 3-dimethylpentane, this obtaining very rarely in such situations.
It is well known that even a very complex real life situation can be described through mathematical calculus. We present how a mathematical model can describe a political competition between two political parties. We used a deterministic dynamical system (DDS) or random dynamical system (RDS) model and study the attractors' points for this model.
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