Adrian B. Johnston

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The stray field, magnetic microstructure, and switching behavior of high-resolution electron beam fabricated thin film tips for magnetic force microscopy ͑MFM͒ are investigated with different imaging modes in a transmission electron microscope ͑TEM͒. As the tiny smooth carbon needles covered with a thermally evaporated magnetic thin film are transparent to(More)
Process monitoring and Predictive Maintenance (PdM) are gaining increasing attention in most manufacturing environments as a means of reducing maintenance related costs and downtime. This is especially true in industries that are data intensive such as semiconductor manufacturing. In this paper an adaptive PdM based flexible maintenance scheduling decision(More)
In the semiconductor manufacturing environment it is very important to understand which factors have the most impact on process outcomes and to control them accordingly. This is usually achieved through design of experiments at process start-up and long term observation of production. As such it relies heavily on the expertise of the process engineer. In(More)
Semiconductor fabrication involves several sequential processing steps with the result that critical production variables are often affected by a superposition of affects over multiple steps. In this paper a Virtual Metrology (VM) system for early stage measurement of such variables is presented; the VM system seeks to express the contribution to the output(More)
large scale constraint satisfaction and scheduling problems using a heuristic repair method. A new method for solving hard satissa-bility problems. 34 We then demonstrated that when the network is restricted to trees a uniform, self-stabilizing protocol exists for solving the problem with any central scheduler, where only one neighboring node is activated(More)
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