Adrian Asensio

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—The huge energy consumption of datacenters providing cloud services over the Internet has motivated different studies regarding cost savings in datacenters. Since energy expenditure is a predominant part of the total operational expenditures for datacenter operators, energy aware policies for minimizing datacenters' energy consumption try to minimize(More)
(EON) implementing flexgrid optical technology. In the considered scenario, a number of IP/MPLS metro area networks performing traffic aggregation are connected through a core EON. We explore the elastic spectrum allocation (SA) capability of EON and, in this context, we study the effectiveness of three alternative SA policies, namely Fixed, Semi-Elastic(More)
Datacenter federations are able to manage appropriately the green energy resources available in each datacenter (DC) thanks to their geographically distributed infrastructure, thus reducing energy expenditure. Scheduling algorithms can compute virtual machine migration, transferring huge amounts of raw data from one DC to another to minimize operational(More)
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