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It is estimated worldwide that over 6 million people per annum experience a burn injury. Despite advances in management and improved survival rates, the incidence of hypertrophic scarring remains high. These scars are particularly common after burns and are often raised, red, hard and may cause abnormal sensations. Such pathological scarring can lead to(More)
Histopathological examination of peripheral nerves is often complemented by morphometric analysis in both clinical and research settings. However, existing manual or semi-automated methods are highly tedious, labour intensive and time-consuming, whereas fully automated morphometry is prone to error from the conversion of maldetected particles to spurious(More)
Transforming growth factor beta1 (TGFbeta1) is a multifunctional cytokine known to be involved in a number of human diseases. It is believed to play an important role in wound healing and repair, as it is a key regulator of the production and remodelling of the extracellular matrix through its effect on mesenchymal cells. Over the last few years, it has(More)
This study compared the clinical features, histological subtype, growth fraction (by Ki67 immunohistochemistry) and proliferation pattern of 22 clinically defined horrifying basal cell carcinoma compared to 81 non horrifying lesions. Late presentation was associated with half of the horrifying tumours. The other half developed horrifying tumours despite(More)
This was a retrospective study examining the psychosocial morbidity of patients before and after ear reconstruction. Semistructured questionnaires were sent to 90 patents with significant congenital or acquired auricular deformity 2.2 years (range 3 months to 5 years) following autogenous or osteointegrated reconstruction. Sixty-two patients (69%)(More)
A number of different modalities of surgical treatment for axillary hidradenitis suppurativa have been suggested. This study compares three different methods of surgical excision. Fifty-nine patients (94 axillae) were treated over a 14-year period. There were 42 females and 17 males with an average age of 32 years (range 16-65 years). Twenty-six axillae had(More)
More than 200 surgical techniques have been advocated for hypospadias repair and perfection is still eluding us. The purpose of this paper is not to comment on a surgical technique, but to highlight the importance of postoperative care on the eventual surgical outcome. Two hundred six children undergoing primary hypospadias surgery from 1984 to 1994 at(More)
A retained knife blade following a stab wound to the face is an uncommon injury that may give anxiety to the doctor managing the case. In 11 patients presenting with retained blades, simple withdrawal was associated with no untoward effect. In two patients the blade was not visible from the outside. The authors recommend that patients presenting with stab(More)
Giant cell tumours of tendon sheath vary from solitary nodules to a multinodular variety that exhibits local infiltration. Recent advances in molecular oncology have defined a gene, nm23, expressed in normal cells which is responsible for inhibiting infiltration. The aim of this study was to investigate the expression of nm23 in a series of 52 giant cell(More)