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3H-p-Aminoclonidine binding to platelets of children and adolescents with major depressive disorder was compared to that of a healthy control population. Significantly higher alpha 2-adrenoceptor Kd and Bmax values were observed in the patient population. 3H-Dihydroalprenolol binding to lymphocyte membranes of the same patient population showed(More)
RATIONALE To determine the outcome of patients with nephroblastoma in a South African hospital. OBJECTIVE To determine if there is a difference in the outcome of patients with nephroblastoma comparing two treatment protocols SIOP (Société International D'Oncologie Pédiatrique Protocol) versus NWTS (National Wilms' Tumour Study Protocol). METHODS AND(More)
BACKGROUND Breast carcinoma remains the most prevalent cancer among women, with over 300 000 deaths annually worldwide. Axillary lymph node status is essential for the clinical staging of breast carcinoma and remains the single most important predictor of disease-free survival in breast carcinoma. OBJECTIVE To determine effective histological examination(More)