Adrián Rubio-González

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Herein we considered the role of oxidative stress on deficiencies of functional physical performance that could affect a future pre-frailty condition. Using principal component analyses (PCA), we created new variables to better describe the functionality regarding the physical performance of the upper and lower body limbs. Gait speed and the Short Physical(More)
One hundred total knee arthroplasties implanted between 1989 and 1993 in 70 women and 30 men (average age 67.4 years) have been retrospectively reviewed. Six late patellar complications occurred: two fractures, two subluxations, one dislocation and one loosening. Four had a further operation. The patient’s age, type of implant, lateral patellar release,(More)
The Syrian hamster Harderian gland (HG) is an organ that undergoes physiological autophagy in response to oxidative stress induced by porphyrin production. Porphyrin production in the HG has marked sex differences and is closely linked to reproductive function. In the present study, we observed that the estrous cycle and associated estrogen variations may(More)
The sedentary lifestyle of modern society along with the high intake of energetic food has made obesity a current worldwide health problem. Despite great efforts to study the obesity and its related diseases, the mechanisms underlying the development of these diseases are not well understood. Therefore, identifying novel strategies to slow the progression(More)
Despite efforts to curb the incidence of obesity and its comorbidities, this condition remains the fifth leading cause of death worldwide. To identify ways to reduce this global effect, we investigated the actions of daily melatonin administration on oxidative stress parameters and autophagic processes as a possible treatment of obesity in ob/ob mice. The(More)
The objective of this work was to study the postmortem evolution of potential biomarkers of autophagy (Beclin 1, LC3-II/LC3-I ratio) and oxidative stress (total antioxidant activity, TAA; superoxide dismutase activity, SOD and catalase activity, CAT) in the Longissimus dorsi muscle of entire male ((Large White×Landrace)×Duroc) pigs subjected to different(More)
The term Spondyloptosis is used to describe a grade V spondylolisthesis, being a subluxation bigger than 100%. The trauma spondyloptosis binding L5-S1 is reported the most prevalent. It is rare in the cephalad lumbar segment to the lumbosacral junction. Two cases of spondyloptosis of L4-L5 have been reported until August 2010, caused by high energy trauma,(More)
Slaughter is a crucial step in the meat production chain that could induce psychological stress on each animal, resulting in a physiological response that can differ among individuals. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between an animal's emotional state, the subsequent psychological stress at slaughter and the cellular damage as an(More)
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