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INTRODUCTION although trends in consumer research suggest growing interest in using electronic PHRs, actual utilization of PHRs technologies is still low. OBJECTIVE to identify those conditions that make patients at Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires (HIBA) use a PHR. STUDY DESIGN Analytic Cross-sectional study. RESULTS the average age was 55.5 years(More)
This paper describes the steps followed in the creation of a local Interface Terminology to SNOMED CT (as reference terminology) with a strong focus on user acceptability. The resulting list of terms is used for clinical data input by physicians and nurses at the Hospital Italiano in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Description includes data model, mappings to(More)
Free text entry versus structured data has been proposed as models in data entry in health information systems. A new user interface was developed with the objective of improving data capture. It also implemented a modification of the discharge summary data entry user interface that allowed the selection of already coded terms from a local terminology in(More)
This paper describes a mobile prototype capable of recognizing characters from a photograph of a medication package. The prototype was built to work on the iOS platform and was developed using Objective-C and C programming languages. The prototype, capable of recognizing text out of an image, included image processing algorithms, text processing algorithms,(More)
Electronic Health Record system downtimes may have a great impact on patient care continuity. This paper describes the analysis and actions taken to redesign the Contingency Plan Procedure for the Electronic Health Record System of Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires. After conducting a thorough analysis of the data gathered at post-contingency meetings,(More)
The Italica Project is the implementation of an Electronic Health Record system at the Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires. The present work shows the implementation of a Medical Signal Grid Repository module and its integration to the Italica Project. We also describe the architecture of that module and explain the design decisions taken for its construction.(More)
In this paper we present a semi-automatic method for femoral bone positioning after 3D image reconstruction from Computed Tomography images. This serves as grounding for the definition of strict axial, longitudinal and anterior-posterior views, overcoming the problem of patient positioning biases in 2D femoral bone measuring methods. After the bone(More)
OBJETIVE To evaluate the association between delta variations in the parameters of 2 sinusal ECG with atrial fibrillation (AF) onset. METHOD Retrospective cohort of 9,975 adult patients and members of the prepaid system at Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires from Argentina, who had at least 2 sinusal ECG between 2006 and 2011. Population was followed up for(More)
Younger generations are extensive users of digital devices; these technologies have always existed and have always been a part of their lives. Video games are a big part of their digital experience. User-centered design is an approach to designing systems informed by scientific knowledge of how people think, act, and coordinate to accomplish their goals.(More)
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