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Proteasome-Mediated Turnover of Arabidopsis MED25 Is Coupled to the Activation of FLOWERING LOCUS T Transcription1[W]
The Mediator complex is a greater than 1-megadalton complex, composed of about 30 subunits and found in most eukaryotes, whose main role is to transmit signals from DNA-bound transcription factors toExpand
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The immune enhancement of a novel soy lecithin/β-glucans based adjuvant on native Neospora caninum tachyzoite extract vaccine in mice.
Efficient, cost-effective and safe Th1-immunity-inducing vaccine formulations are paramount for achieving protection against Neospora caninum. In this study, a new adjuvant (Providean-AVEC) was usedExpand
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Development and preliminary validation of an antibody filtration-assisted single-dilution chemiluminometric immunoassay for potency testing of Piscirickettsia salmonis vaccines.
Challenge with live pathogens could be substituted by serology for many veterinary diseases, however little progress has been made in the development of alternative batch vaccine potency tests forExpand
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Leukaemia inhibitory factor or oncostatin M induction of Swiss 3T3 cells does not require mevalonic acid synthesis nor protein isoprenylation to initiate DNA replication.
Leukaemia inhibitory factor (LIF) or Oncostatin M (OSM), both mitogens for Swiss mouse 3T3 cells, triggers initiation of DNA synthesis without the requirement for mevalonic acid. Thus, LovastatinExpand
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Diseño de un sistema de genética reversa del virus de la fiebre aftosa
El presente trabajo tiene como objetivo generar un sistema para ser utilizado como herramienta en tecnicas de genetica reversa vinculadas al estudio del virus de la Fiebre Aftosa. Se diseno yExpand
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Relevance of the N-terminal and major hydrophobic domains of non-structural protein 3A in the replicative process of a DNA-launched foot-and-mouth disease virus replicon
A foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) DNA-launched reporter replicon containing a luciferase gene was used to assess the impact of non-structural (NS) protein 3A on viral replication. IndependentExpand
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