Adrián Angel Inchauspe

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AIM To present an inclusion criterion for patients who have suffered bilateral amputation in order to be treated with the supplementary resuscitation treatment which is hereby proposed by the author. METHODS This work is based on a Retrospective Cohort model so that a certainly lethal risk to the control group is avoided. RESULTS This paper presents a(More)
Since unexpected sudden deaths have been reported with the use of diverse non-cardiac drugs, cardio-safety experts focused their attention on security measures to improve survival rates in heart stoppages due to this prescribed drugs (Inchauspe 2010a). Considering that prolongation of the QTc is a reliable marker of a menacing arrhythmia called torsade de(More)
AIM To introduce new applications into the ILCOR-cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) "chain" sequence. METHODS Stages of the CPR sequence ("chain"): prior to the application of chest massage: assess the victim's state of consciousness and lung-heart failure; seek help (call 911), or in situations in which it is impossible to start the ILCOR protocol: (1)(More)
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