Adraian Albu

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The authors have investigated two groups of patients of young age suffering from tuberculosis with germs showing primary resistance to chemotherapeutic agents (61 cases), and with germs displaying sensitivity to these agents (64 cases). The following conclusions have been reached: tuberculosis with germs showing primary drug resistance did not display onset(More)
The present paper reports on two cases of congenital malformation of the lungs, in young adults, treated surgically. Each case had particular clinical features: left pulmonary aplasia with residual thymus and herniation of the right lung in the left pleural cavity in one case, and left pulmonary hypoplasia with aberrant pulmonary circulation, secondary(More)
Chiari networks are present in the right atrium in a minority of the population and are usually of no clinical significance. On the other hand it may associate some pathological changes, as patent foramen ovale, intraatrial thrombus or atrial arrhythmias. We present the case of an asymptomatic young woman diagnosed with Chiari network during a routine(More)
The authors show that the medical pneumologic practice meets cases in which, after the accumulation and interpretation of the clinical and paraclinical investigation results and after leaving aside the sets of the improbable, no certain diagnosis can be established. The possible reasons of this failure are: the physician's lack of experience in a(More)