Adonna C. Fleming

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The Ogallala Aquifer is a key water resource for several U. S. states. Trans-Canada, a Canadian company, proposes to construct the Keystone XL pipeline to transport tar sands crude oil from Alberta to refineries in Texas; one proposed route would bury the pipeline in the Aquifer, raising water quality and environmental concerns. A rich inventory of(More)
Red-eared slider turtles are genetically bipotential for sex determination, with incubation temperature of the egg determining gonadal sex. At higher incubation temperatures, females are produced, possibly due to increased biosynthesis of estrogen. Exogenous estrogen causes the formation of ovaries, and prevention of estrogen biosynthesis results in the(More)
— Searching a geospatial data catalog can be frustrating for many GIS data users. Geospatial data catalogs are built on records created to a specific metadata standard, such as ISO 19115. The search query is often limited to searching a few tags within the record, such as title, publisher, spatial extent, content theme, and content type. GIS personnel tend(More)
Drought is a " hot " topic, given the climatic events of summer 2012 in the United States. This article provides a fundamental understanding of drought—its definitions, classifications, ratings, and impact on agriculture. Also included are introductions to drought-related research areas in the geosciences—specifically geology, hydrology, and atmospheric(More)
  • Margaret Mering, Scott Childers, +8 authors Mary Bolin
  • 2013
This report : 1. Provides a brief overview of the different metadata schemes that are available. 2. Identifies the various metadata schemes being used to search and access information and digital content in the UNL Libraries. 3. Provides an analysis of the state of cross-searching among the various metadata schemes. 4. Provides recommendations on how UNL(More)
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