Adolph R. Berger

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A study of intracardiac and intravascular temperatures was undertaken with the thought that such measurements might provide further information concerning the mechanisms which normally maintain body temperature within its narrow limits and also that they might help to explain the deviations from normal temperature in certain disease states. Whereas the(More)
Reviewing all records of patients with the diagnosis of central serous choroidopathy (CSC) at Retina Consultants, Ltd since 1975, we identified 47 patients with CSC who were older than 50 years at initial presentation. These patients were divided into three groups, based on type of management: observation; light "CSC-type" photocoagulation; and heavy(More)
Gallstone obstruction of the duodenum, resulting from a cholecystoduodenal fistula and impaction of a large stone in the second portion of the duodenum, is described. This is the second case in which the descending portion of the duodenum is reported as the site of impaction of the stone. The diagnostic problems associated with this condition are discussed.
PurposeTo identify the strongest variable(s) linked with the number of ranibizumab injections and outcomes in AURA, and to identify ways to improve outcomes using this association.MethodsAURA was a large observational study that monitored visual acuity over a 2-year period in patients with neovascular age-related macular degeneration (AMD) who received(More)
The patients were white men 44 and 677 years of age respectively. The former (G. S.) had been admitted to the hospital because of recurrent syncopal episodes which were considered to be due to hypersensitive carotid sinus syndrome. In the latter (K. H.), carotid sinus hypersensitivity was an incidental finding. This patient had diabetes mellitus, and(More)
Electrical records were made from the interior of the right heart and attached vessels in 14 normal subjects. Technics differed somewhat from those previously reported in that simultaneously recording string galvanometers were used exclusively, and tracings were made whenever the catheterelectrode was moved within the heart. Previously unreported large(More)