Adolfo M. García

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Because of its use as a negative reinforcer in animal studies and its potential pathological impact (e.g. post-traumatic stress disorder and depression), exposure to aversive stimuli is a relevant model for studying CNS plasticity. We present evidence that a single exposure to two predominantly emotional stressors [restraint in tubes and immobilization on(More)
The aim of this study was to determinate the prevalence, serotypes and virulence genes of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) strains isolated from different dairy products (DP) in Spain with the purpose of determining whether DP represent a potential source of STEC pathogenic for humans. A total of 502 DP were examined from 64 different ovine and(More)
A molecular epidemiological approach was applied to establishing a possible role for the wild boar as a natural reservoir of Mycobacterium bovis in Sierra de Villuercas, Western Spain; an area free of farmed cattle and wild deer populations. Spoligo and VNTR typing were used over a three year period to study the epidemiological relationship between the(More)
Pathological consequences of stress-induced activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis may be related to the duration rather than to the intensity of HPA axis activation after exposure to the stressor. Consequently a fine analysis of post-stress events is of importance. The present experiments were designed to study the importance of three(More)
Antler is a good model to study bone biology both because it is accessible and because it grows and is shed every year. Previous studies have shown that chemical composition changes as the antler is grown, implying constraints in mineral availability and the physiological effort made to grow it. This study aimed at examining antler mechanical properties to(More)
We assessed the hydration state of antlers and its effect on antler mechanical properties compared with wet femur. Red deer antlers were removed from the head at various times, from a few days after velvet shedding till late in the season, and weighed weekly until after casting time. Antlers cut just after losing their velvet lost weight rapidly in the(More)
In a previous study, antler bone chemical composition was found to differ between base and tip. If such variation is in part due to the physiological effort made to grow the antler, composition trends should differ between antlers from deer population differing in mineral or food availability, or body reserves. To assess this, we examined cortical thickness(More)
BACKGROUND The electronic Schizophrenia Treatment Adherence Registry (e-STAR) is a prospective, observational study of patients with schizophrenia designed to evaluate long-term treatment outcomes in routine clinical practice. METHODS Parameters were assessed at baseline and at 3 month intervals for 2 years in patients initiated on risperidone long-acting(More)
Attention has focused on particular neurons as the source of nitric oxide (NO) within the parenchyma of the CNS. In contrast, glial cells have been viewed mainly as potential reservoirs of L-arginine, the substrate for nitric oxide synthase (NOS), and as likely targets for neuronally derived NO because of their proximity and their expression of soluble(More)
OBJECTIVE We describe longitudinal clinical and electrophysiologic evaluation of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1A (CMT-1A) in infancy and early childhood. BACKGROUND The clinical picture and electrophysiologic evaluation of CMT-1A during the age of nerve conduction maturation have not been documented. DESIGN/METHODS Twenty at-risk children from six(More)