Adolfo Giuliani

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Short gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), typically lasting less than 2 s, are a special class of GRBs of great interest. We report the detection by the AGILE satellite of the short GRB 090510 which shows two clearly distinct emission phases: a prompt phase lasting ∼ 200 msec and a second phase lasting tens of seconds. The burst is relatively intense in the 0.3-10 MeV(More)
Discovered after the end of the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory mission, the radio pulsar PSR J2021+3651 was long considered a likely counterpart of the high-energy γ-ray source 2CG 075+00 = 3EG J2021+3716= GeV J2020+3658, but it could not be confirmed due to the lack of a contemporaneous radio pulsar ephemeris to fold the sparse, archival γ-ray photons.(More)
Introduction 1. According to a conventional view, the fact-finding process has historically received two fundamentally diverging approaches. On one hand we have the model of a free evaluation of facts developed by common lawyers. Its peculiarity is often supported by a contrast with a second model, developed in continental Europe, which shows a closed(More)
Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz), a tuber crop, known to support rural communities for its caloric value and vast industrial applications, supports over 10,000 smallholder farmers in Tamil Nadu, India. Using quantitative and qualitative data collected from key informants along the industrial cassava market chain in Tamil Nadu, this paper analyses the(More)
Neutrino oscillation experiments have proved that neutrinos are massive particles, but can’t determine their absolute mass scale. Therefore the neutrino mass is still an open question in elementary particle physics. An international collaboration is growing around the project of Microcalorimeter Arrays for a Rhenium Experiment (MARE) for directly measuring(More)