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In this paper we describe an algebraic approach to construct provably correct compilers for object-oriented languages; this is illustrated for programs written in a language similar to a sequential subset of Java. It includes recursive classes, inheritance, dynamic binding, recursion, type casts and test, assignment, and class-based visibility, but a copy(More)
One of the mini challenges in software verification related to the Grand Challenge proposed by Tony Hoare concerns the formal specification and verification of an operating system kernel. This paper proposes a simple and correct specification of an OS kernel in Z which simplifies the understanding and verification of operating system components. Our current(More)
Currently, Systems-of-Systems (SoS) have performed an important role in diverse application domains, with representative examples in airport, military, and smart-cities, including crisis/emergency management. SoS refer to complex software-intensive systems, resulted from interoperability of independent constituent systems, performing new missions that could(More)
Crowd sourcing systems call a crowd of users to collaborate on solving real-life problems. One key issue for the success of such systems is to guarantee users' participation. A strategy that has been used to promote user participation is the use of game design techniques, since games have successful strategies to grant enjoyable user experience. However,(More)
Purpose: To determine the clinical significance of Mallory-Weiss (MW) Syndrome and the role of therapeutic endoscopy. Methods: We conducted a retrospective case study of all patients diagnosed with upper GI bleeding caused by a MW tear over two years at San Francisco General Hospital. Data points collected included age, sex, presenting complaint,(More)
Este artigo discute o uso de dispositivos móveis na sala de aula considerando um recorte da realidade universitária baiana. Para tanto, utilizou-se de artefatos da pesquisa qualitativa, buscando adentrar o cotidiano da sala de aula do ponto de vista discente. Ponderando vantagens e desvantagens de tal uso, percebemos que a dispersão é o(More)
This paper presents a refinement strategy for the compilation of a subset of Java that includes classes, inheritance, dynamic binding, visibility control, and recursion. We tackle the problem of compiler correctness by reducing the task of compilation to that of program refinement. More specifically, refinement laws are used as compilation rules to reduce(More)
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