Adolfo Arévalo

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OBJECTIVES Preoperative anemia has been related with adverse outcomes in elective valve replacement and CABG surgery. Impact of preoperative anemia on outcome in octogenarians submitted to cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) has not yet been precisely described. METHODS We analyzed association between preoperative hemoglobin level, minimum intraoperative and(More)
We describe the rationale, methodology, and our preliminary experience with a new surgical technique for mitral valve replacement in patients with severe calcification of the mitral annulus in which the conventional techniques can not be applied. In contrast with other procedures published in the literature for these patients, in which the placement of the(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES Morbimortality related to cardiac surgery may be superior in patients with malignant neoplastic disease. Inflammatory phenomena and immunologic changes secondary to extracorporeal circulation use can also increase tumor recurrence. We evaluate characteristics and results of cardiac surgery in our neoplastic patients. METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVE Myocardial infarction is the most common cause of congestive heart failure. The objective of this work is to evaluate, in experimental animals, morphological and histological effects of the implantation of autologous platelet-rich plasma in infarcted heart sheep. METHODS Twenty-four ewes were used, they were surgically infarcted through left(More)
Infective endocarditis is a disease normally of bacterial cause which affects the endocardic tissue, specifically the valves (native or prosthetic). It is a serious illness and mortality rates remain high, ranging between 20% and 40%. Previous reports have evidenced the potential role of cytokines in the diagnosis of this disease, but no information is(More)
Method In this single-centre prospective randomized study, 200 consecutive patients undergoing elective CABG were randomly assigned to two groups: 97 patients received aspirin 300 mg (A) and 103 patients received aspirin 100 mg plus clopidogrel 75 mg (AC). Antiplatelet protocol was initiated immediately after surgery and continued daily for one year. Graft(More)
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