Adolf S Flemister

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Midfoot arthritis is a common cause of significant pain and disability. Although the medial tarsometatarsal (TMT) joints provide < 7 degrees of sagittal plane motion, the more mobile lateral fourth and fifth TMT joints provide balance and accommodation on uneven ground. These small constrained TMT joints also provide stability and translate the forward(More)
Chronic ankle pain can be due to multiple causes. A thorough review of the patient's history with a physical examination concentrating on anatomic structures surrounding the ankle is imperative. The most common of causes have been presented. The addition of provocative testing and radiographic examinations can aid in elucidating the pathology. After(More)
Few joint-preserving surgical options exist for the patient who has ankle arthritis refractory to conservative measures. Therefore, continuous effort is afforded to the development of additional treatment options for such patients. Distraction arthroplasty has been proposed as one of these options for the patient in whom fusion or joint replacement is not(More)
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