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— In this paper, feedback with carry shift registers (FCSRs) are analyzed with main focus on the general case of FCSRs with arbitrary connection integer and on maximum-period FCSRs. Moreover, a keystream generator that employs the structure of the linear feedback shift register (LFSR)-based Geffe-generator is studied in connection with FCSRs as a special(More)
In this paper a highly flexible and scaleable multiband impulse radio UWB architecture for high data rates is described and evaluated. The investigations are mainly focused on on-off-keying modulation combined with a low-complexity non-coherent energy detection receiver. Various representative system configurations are defined and examined by simulation,(More)
This paper analyzes multilevel pulse amplitude modulation (M-PAM) for energy detection receivers. Because of the asymmetric, non Gaussian probability density function (PDF) of the energy detected signal, the optimal signal constellation is not known a priori. In order to achieve optimal symbol error rate performance using M-PAM, the optimal signal(More)
We present constructions of polyphase sequences suitable for the use as codewords in orthogonal frequency-division multiplex-ing (OFDM) with strictly bounded peak-to-mean envelope power ratio (PMEPR). Our first construction establishes that each polyphase sequence of length 2 m lies in a complementary set, whose size depends on a special property of its(More)
— We study the ergodic capacity of a frequency selective Rayleigh fading channel with correlated scattering, which finds application in the area of UWB. Under an average power constraint, we consider a single-user, single-antenna transmission. Coherent reception is assumed with full CSI at the receiver and no CSI at the transmitter. We distinguish between a(More)
The paper presents the system design concept for a mobile broadband communications system at 60 GHz. A dense WDM system is used for the optical backbone employing novel addldrop multiplexers. For simplicity, there is no signal processing and frequency generation at the base station and a master oscillator signal are used for millimetric carrier generation.(More)
An efficient decoder for the generalized first-order Reed–Muller code RM q (1, m) is essential for the decoding of various block-coding schemes for orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing with reduced peak-to-mean power ratio. We present an efficient and simple maximum-likelihood decoding algorithm for RM q (1, m). It is shown that this algorithm has(More)
An approach for modeling and simulation of user-perceived quality of services in hybrid (broadcast and telecommunication) networks is presented in this paper. The term "user-perceived quality of service" goes beyond the QoS concepts for packet based end-to-end communication. Rather, the service and the information transmitted by such a service will be(More)
This paper deals with the question of the influence of the design of cryptographic algorithm on their side channel vulnerability. On the example of the DPA attack by Kocher the complexity of the attack and their dependency on algorithmic parameters is analyzed. It is shown that the careful selection or design of algorithms can increase the security of(More)