Adolf Finger

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In this paper, feedback with carry shift registers (FCSRs) are analyzed with main focus on the general case of FCSRs with arbitrary connection integer and on maximum-period FCSRs. Moreover, a keystream generator that employs the structure of the linear feedback shift register (LFSR)-based Geffegenerator is studied in connection with FCSRs as a special(More)
In this paper new codes for orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) with tightly controlled peak-to-mean envelope power ratio (PMEPR) are proposed. We identify a new family of sequences occurring in complementary sets and show that such sequences form subsets of a new generalization of the Reed-Muller codes. Contrarily to previous constructions we(More)
In this paper a highly flexible and scaleable multiband impulse radio UWB architecture for high data rates is described and evaluated. The investigations are mainly focused on on-off-keying modulation combined with a low-complexity non-coherent energy detection receiver. Various representative system configurations are defined and examined by simulation,(More)
This paper analyzes multilevel pulse amplitude modulation (M-PAM) for energy detection receivers. Because of the asymmetric, non Gaussian probability density function (PDF) of the energy detected signal, the optimal signal constellation is not known a priori. In order to achieve optimal symbol error rate performance using M-PAM, the optimal signal(More)
We present constructions of polyphase sequences suitable for the use as codewords in orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) with strictly bounded peak-to-mean envelope power ratio (PMEPR). Our first construction establishes that each polyphase sequence of length 2 lies in a complementary set, whose size depends on a special property of its(More)
When bringing a high data rate multiband impulse radio UWB system to the market it has to coexist with other already existing UWB technologies such as multiband OFDM UWB [1]. This paper analyzes the interference impact of a multiband OFDM UWB system on a non-coherent multiband impulse radio UWB system. It is shown that the impact can be so dominant that(More)
We study the ergodic capacity of a frequency-selective Rayleigh fading channel with correlated scattering, which finds application in the area of UWB. Under an average power constraint, we consider a single-user, single-antenna transmission. Coherent reception is assumed with full CSI at the receiver and no CSI at the transmitter. We distinguish between a(More)
This paper investigates robustness of a non-coherent multi-band impulse radio ultra-wideband communication system with respect to narrow-band interference. A statistical analysis of interference at the energy detector output gives insight into its impact and system dependency. Furthermore, the potential of interference mitigation is shown and verified with(More)
An efficient decoder for the generalized first-order Reed–Muller code RMq(1, m) is essential for the decoding of various block-coding schemes for orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing with reduced peak-to-mean power ratio. We present an efficient and simple maximum-likelihood decoding algorithm for RMq(1, m). It is shown that this algorithm has lower(More)
The bit error rate (BER) performance of the imperfect digital matched filter (IDMF) receiver in a typical multiuser scenario assuming LOS conditions for the terminals is investigated. Due to the extremely high processing requirements of the digital matched filter, it is assumed that for an implementation the number of bits as well as the number of filter(More)