Adnene Dhouib

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This paper reports a systematic study of the effect of CO gas on the chemical composition at the surface of gold-based alloys. Using DFT periodic calculations in presence of adsorbed CO the segregation behavior of group 9-10-11 transition metals (Ag, Cu, Pt, Pd, Ni, Ir, Rh, Co) substituted in semi-infinite gold surfaces is investigated. Although, CO is(More)
Modelling the segregation of the various chemical species in the vicinity of crystallographic defects in FeNi alloys is essential because it affects the macroscopic properties of these materials, which are widely used in technological applications. We present here a theoretical study of surface segregation, within a mean-field approach based on the(More)
2014 During the process of elaboration of n+ /p InP photodiodes for solar energy conversion, we have observed that the 700 C sulfur diffusion into Zn doped InP substrates strongly modifies the electrical and photoelectrical properties of these substrates. A simple annealing at the same temperature produces nearly equivalent effects. The most relevant(More)
The surface composition of bimetallics can be strongly altered by adsorbing molecules where the metal with the strongest interaction with the adsorbate segregates into the surface. To investigate the effect of reactive gas on the surface composition of Au-Cu alloy, we examined by means of density functional theory to study the segregation behavior of copper(More)
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