Adnen El Amraoui

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0360-8352/$ see front matter 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. q This manuscript was processed by Area Editor Maged M. Dessouky. ⇑ Corresponding author. Tel.: +33 670383979; fax: +33 384583342. E-mail addresses:,, (A. El Amraoui),(More)
This study considers a cyclic scheduling of hoist movements in electroplating industry. Several jobs have to flow through a production line according to an ordered bath sequence. They firstly enter the line at a loading buffer. Then they will be soaked sequentially in a series of tanks containing specific chemical baths. Finally, they will leave the line at(More)
Within the framework of demographic changes and the constraint of permanent growth of the elderly number in European population (i.e. France) which the health sector is confronted to, the detection of abnormal behaviors in the supervisory framework has known a particular interest during these last years. Thereby, the main objective of this paper is to(More)
The European Rail Traffic Management System ERTMS aims to permit safe and interoperable operation of the European railway traffic (Council directive, 1996). Traffic safety depends closely on the position and the movement of trains, precisely related to the reliability of data transmission. This paper focuses on the train communication system management of(More)
In automated electroplating facilities, computer-controlled hoist is used to ensure the transport of jobs between tanks. Each job is mounted on a carrier and each carrier is immersed successively in several chemical baths, following a given processing sequence. The aim of this paper is to present an evolutionary approach to solve a multi-objective Cyclic(More)
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