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OLSR (Optimized Link State Routing) is a proactive routing protocol dedicated to MANET networks (Mobile Ad hoc Network) for establishing paths between network nodes. The operation of this protocol is mainly based on the MPR (Multi Point Relay) selection technique in order to reduce the traffic load of the network and also to minimize the path to the(More)
MANET (Mobile Ad hoc Network) networks are distinguished by mobile and dynamic infrastructure due to the behavior and random movement of the nodes. Its administration is more difficult and requires more technical and more appropriate routing protocols. The OLSR (Optimized Link State Routing) is one of the most widely used routing protocols for such networks(More)
The use of Nanosatellite to provide APRS network service is discussed. The satellite, as small as the cubesat concept, requires employment of a very simple payload whereas all the complexity is brought back to the terminals. The radio link between the terminals and the Nanosatellite will be studied. We will employ the Slotted-Aloha in the uplink, and(More)
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