Adnan Naeem

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Zirconium dioxide, commonly known as zirconia, is an interesting material and is receiving growing attention due to its excellent mechanical properties. The solid was characterized for surface area measurements, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), Energy dispersive X-ray diffractometry (EDX) and potentiometric titrations. Surface titrations were carried out(More)
Multielement analysis of an iron ore from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was carried out using Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis. The samples were irradiated in the 100 KW Argonaut Reactor at VPI&SU. The irradiation procedure consisted of two irradiations and three gamma spectra measurements after a decay time ranging from 1.33 min to 10 days. The gamma(More)
The mass attenuation coefficient of some cadmium compounds has been calculated . The gamma rays emitted from Am-241(40mCi) source were used to excite the sample and emitted (kα) and (kβ ) x-rays lines were counted by a silicon drift detector(SDD) with resolution of 150eV at 6.4 KeV. The experiment results are good agreement with theoretical results by(More)
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