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Background: Transgenic plants inhabiting single Bt gene are prone to develop insect resistance and this resistance has been reported in case of some important yield-devastating insect larvae of commercial crops, such as cotton and rice. Therefore, it has become essential to adapt new strategies to overcome the problem of insect resistance and these new(More)
Insects have developed resistance against Bt-transgenic plants. A multi-barrier defense system to weaken their resistance development is now necessary. One such approach is to use fusion protein genes to increase resistance in plants by introducing more Bt genes in combination. The locating the target protein at the point of insect attack will be more(More)
Currently, genetically modified crops are among the most important constituents in all aspect of our life. Recent controversies about genetically modified crops in United Kingdom and other European countries indicate the apparent differences in public opinion on this subject across the Atlantic, where people do seem untroubled with GMO as compared to other(More)
BACKGROUND Gossypium arboreumis resistant to Cotton leaf curl Burewala virus and its cognate Cotton leaf curl Multan beta satellite (CLCuBuV and CLCuMB). However, the G. arboreum wax deficient mutant (GaWM3) is susceptible to CLCuV. Therefore, epicuticular wax was characterized both quantitatively and qualitatively for its role as physical barrier against(More)
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