Adnan Korkmaz

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To obtain detailed information about the interdigitation between the frontalis muscle and the orbicularis oculi muscle, the authors performed an anatomic study involving 9 cadavers (17 specimens). Three types of interdigitation were recognized. Complete interdigitation was noted in 13 specimens, and partial interdigitation in 13 specimens. In one specimen,(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen (PCNA) expression and histomorphometrical alterations in cyclosporin A (CsA)-induced gingival overgrowth with or without microbial dental plaque accumulation. Forty male Wistar rats were equally divided into 4 groups; Group I (control); Group II (CsA); Group(More)
AIM We examined whether intramuscular parecoxib administration has a preventive or therapeutic effect on vasospasm following experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty New Zealand White Rabbits were assigned randomly to one of four groups. Animals in Group I were not subjected to SAH (control group). Animals in all other(More)
Cyclosporine A (CsA), broadly used in organ transplantation, may contribute to pathogenesis of osteoporosis. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of CsA on alveolar bone in rats subjected or not to experimental periodontal disease using biochemical, radiographic, and histometric analysis. Forty Wistar rats were divided into 4 equal groups:(More)
Delayed sural flap based on the vascular axis of the sural nerve has been advocated for coverage of diabetic foot ulcers. In this study we compared the survival of neurovenous and standard inferior epigastric island flaps in diabetic and non-diabetic rats. VEGF concentrations and electrolyte balance of the flaps were also investigated during elevation and(More)
Recent trends in rhinoplasty techniques have focused on anatomic repair as well as respect and preservation of soft tissue integrity. In this article, the authors describe the use of a perichondrial flap, then discuss technical considerations and clinical perspectives of their advantages. A perichondrial flap helps to restore the stability of the upper(More)
Selective brain cooling (SBC) can occur in hyperthermic humans despite the fact that humans have no carotid rete, a vascular structure that facilitates countercurrent heat exchange located at the base of the skull in some mammals. Emissary and angular veins, upper respiratory tract, tympanic cavity and cerebrospinal fluid are major components of SBC system(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of local and systemic simvastatin application on distraction osteogenesis. MATERIALS AND METHODS Eighteen New Zealand white rabbits underwent unilateral mandibular distraction osteogenesis. After 7 days of neutral fixation, 0.4 mm twice per day, distraction was performed for 10 days. Simvastatin(More)
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